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Cape Breton
Always nice to spend a few days on the island! We are ready for the upcoming orders.




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Before and After

We are getting good at this bubble wrapping thing.


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Ready for shipping!
Just in time before we leave for a few days. See you on the 12th!


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Ice Bucket Challenge 

Not quite a bucket but served the purpose. Sure holds a lot of ice cold water!

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Cut & Foiled
They look a little like glass asteroids. Can’t wait to transform them into copper teardrops!


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Did you know all of our terrariums are watertight?


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Miniature Worlds

These pictures were sent to us from Toni in Vancouver.
She did a great job styling them up as gifts for her colleagues!
Thanks for sharing!

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Ring Holder

Yu Fujimoto sent in this photo of our Teardrop Terrarium featured in a beautiful nature themed wedding in Japan!
We love seeing what creative minds do with our work.

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